Beautifully Broken explores the fragility of nature and mankind, focusing on photographing broken mirrors, reflecting a series of nature, sky and sea. My poetry helps to add meaning, bringing my point across of the focus on human fragility and it’s relation to nature. We see beauty within nature, even when we know how fragile/broken it is and how easily it can change, yet we still appreciate it, but can’t do the same when it comes to our own selves. 
We look at the world and see all it’s beauty, 
But at points don’t see it in our own self. 
Time is forever changing, never still, that’s it’s duty 
And we are broken, too success driven, left uncaring for health.

Life is fragile but this fragility we adore,
As it grows and ages our fascination is made stronger, 
Only when it comes to our own beauty do we ignore,  
And this process of human acceptance is only made longer.

This world is beautiful and we’re all part of it’s wonder, 
Living, breathing, beautifully broken fragments.
We will rise and gain strength like thunder,
For without your delicate soul, the world grieves your absence.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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