In this project I explored photographing different patterns created from candlelight placed inside a lantern. I want the works to focus on the warmth, atmospheric beauty but also for the patterns to have a sense of confusion and movement like the flame, creating the patterns. This comes out in the Bokeh style affect. Adding the poem to this work allowed there to have the focus on fire and its beauty, but also the way that it burns and is deceivingly dangerous.
Watch as it glows,
Red blue and green, 
As the wind blows,
It’s danger flickers, a nightmarish dream.

Don’t get too close,
You’ll find yourself burnt,
Just revel in its beauty, play with it’s shadows,
Or else it will attack, leave you broken and hurt. 

Watch as it moves,
Such grace like a dancer,
Young, free, childish like a youth,
But getting close isn’t the answer.

As the beauty will entrap you, 
Once caught, that’s your fault,
And all the things you wished you knew
Stay hidden, undetected, your life ground to a halt.

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