In Memories/My Letter to You I was focusing on the idea of sentimentality and being caught in a dreamlike state of emotion, reflecting and moving on from the past. 
Trying to find past memories,                                        
But there stands nothing before me,                                
Only little fragments, veils of emotions,                      
Of love and freedom, where I felt no caution.

But I have grown older, 
These memories have grown colder,
I wish everyday I could return,
But each day as I move further away, 
the more I pray, the more I yearn.

Take me back memories, to the life that I knew, 
Where my soul felt like spring, my heart like a flower bloomed,                                                              
My head was in the clouds, as we laid down together,             
Oh dear heart, how I wish we’d stayed there forever.

Spring passed and summer came,
With the autumn breeze, it blew you away,
But I still read your letters, I still dreamt of you, 
And the love that we had, I hope you felt it too.

It’s time I moved to the future, I know that now,
The only thing is that I don’t know how,
Yes, I still pine for the memories, that feeling of embrace,
But I’m my own woman, and the love I have for myself 
makes you replaced

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